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Almost there!!!! -my clinical clerkishp abroad-

Hey everyone! Sooooo, the final countdown has officially started! In 5 days I’m leaving for a clinical clerkship in TUNISIA! After a couple of months filled with a lot of useless studying and failure in medical school, I’m so ready to take some time off to both recharge the batteries and try to gain a… Continue reading Almost there!!!! -my clinical clerkishp abroad-


Il programma di allenamento “Insanity max 30”

Ho recentemente completato il programma di allenamento “Insanity max 30” e volevo parlarne qui, spiegando di cosa si tratta e di come funziona! Vorrei scrivere presto un post successivo in cui parlare della mia personale esperienza. COS’È INSANITY MAX30? Si tratta di un programma di allenamento di 60 giorni creato dall’allenatore, conduttore televisivo, coreografo statiunitense… Continue reading Il programma di allenamento “Insanity max 30”


Insanity max 30: what does it consist of?

Hi! I’ve recently completed the workout program Insanity max 30 and I wanted to talk about it on here, explaining what it looks like and how it works! I’ll soon write a following post where I’ll talk about my own experience with it as well WHAT’S INSANITY MAX30? It’s a 60 day workout program created… Continue reading Insanity max 30: what does it consist of?